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Recent Conferences

  • LASGB Annual Conference May 2017


    The LASGB 23rd Annual Conference was a very successful.

    Key note speaker was Dr Christine Hough.
    Christine titled her presentation “Life in the Inspection Pit – How to maintain our own schools”. Dr Hough left the following message on the LASGB Facebook page “Was delighted to give the Keynote at LASGB conference on Saturday. It was a great pleasure to meet and talk to people who work tirelessly for their schools – a privilege to be involved, thank you. Dr Chris Hough.”. We would like to thank Dr Hough.

    Amanda Hatton, the LCC Director of Children’s Services; Ajay Sethi, LCC Head of Learning and Skills; Gill Cornwall, Service Delivery Manager, Health, Safety and Quality and Kevin Smith, Financial Advisor to the Schools’ Forum. Some of the information provided and presentations are attached here and here and speaker profiles here.

    We were also delighted to distribute awards  to some of the nominees put forward over the last year – outstanding governors and governance full list here.

    Some pictures of the event will be added soon.

  • LASGB Spring 2017 Mini Conference/Training Event

    08 March 2017,


    The topic for this training was: Delivering a ‘broad and balanced curriculum’ in secondary schools.

    Paul Dyson-Knight, Lancashire Secondary Schools’ Adviser, gave an excellent exposition of the challenges facing our schools.

    Those who missed his talk also missed an excellent buffet at Ribby Hall!

  • LASGB Autumn 2016 Mini Conference/Training Event

    09 November 2016,


    The last LASGB Mini-Conference, “A Broad and Balanced Curriculum”, was
    held at the Best Western Premier Hallmark Hotel Preston, Leyland on 9
    th November.

    This presentation was given by Gemma Whalling and Sarah Barraclough.

    A brief history of the approach to the curriculum from the 1970s onwards was given.

    This was a good presentation which covered a lot of ground in a short space of time. The focus of this meeting was on Primary Schools but a second session covering the curriculum in Secondary Schools is being planned.


  • LASGB October 2015 Mini Conference/Training Event

    14 October 2015,


    Wednesday 14th October, 2015.

    “Resistance to Excellence” –  how do Governors deal with problems they may experience when trying to move their school forward to outstanding?


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