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    LASGB Spring 2017 Mini Conference/Training Event

    08 March 2017,


    The topic for this training was: Delivering a ‘broad and balanced curriculum’ in secondary schools.

    Paul Dyson-Knight, Lancashire Secondary Schools’ Adviser, gave an excellent exposition of the challenges facing our schools.

    Those who missed his talk also missed an excellent buffet at Ribby Hall!

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    LASGB Autumn 2016 Mini Conference/Training Event

    09 November 2016,


    The last LASGB Mini-Conference, “A Broad and Balanced Curriculum”, was
    held at the Best Western Premier Hallmark Hotel Preston, Leyland on 9
    th November.

    This presentation was given by Gemma Whalling and Sarah Barraclough.

    A brief history of the approach to the curriculum from the 1970s onwards was given.

    This was a good presentation which covered a lot of ground in a short space of time. The focus of this meeting was on Primary Schools but a second session covering the curriculum in Secondary Schools is being planned.


  • Next Conference:

    LASGB October 2015 Mini Conference/Training Event

    14 October 2015,


    Wednesday 14th October, 2015.

    “Resistance to Excellence” –  how do Governors deal with problems they may experience when trying to move their school forward to outstanding?


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