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Lancashire Association Of School Governing Bodies Constitution

(Revised December 2022)


The organisation shall be known as the Lancashire Association of School Governing Bodies (LASGB).



  1. Work in partnership with all in the best interests of pupils of all schools
  2. Provide a democratic forum open to Governors of schools subscribing to the LASGB, to encourage the exchange of experiences and ideas to further develop the effectiveness of Governance.
  3. Provide a means of sharing good governance practice, by maintaining a regularly updated website, the publishing of a regular newsletter, and the delivery of periodic conferences and workshops addressing topical issues.
  4. Co-ordinate the expression of opinion amongst members on matters of mutual concern and to make representations to the Local Authority, Central Government and other relevant authorities on the education of young people.
  5. Work with the Local Authority on matters concerning the delivery of services, training and information for Governors.
  6. Maintain membership of, or contact with, relevant and appropriate organisations concerned with the affairs of School Governance, both locally and nationally.



The LASGB shall consist of and function through:-

  1. Its Members
  2. The Executive Committee.
  3. The Annual General Meeting (AGM)



Membership will be corporate in respect of each Governing Body that subscribes to the LASGB, by annually paying the appropriate membership fee.

A Governing Body having joined and become a member of the LASGB shall retain membership until the Governing Body concerned gives a written notice of its intention to terminate membership to the LASGB Treasurer or fails to renew the annual membership by payment of the appropriate fee as above.



Between AGMs, the affairs of the LASGB shall be conducted by an Executive Committee.

Meetings of the Executive will be held monthly during school term times.

The Committee shall comprise of eighteen members, drawn from Governing Bodies that subscribe to membership of the LASGB, duly elected at an AGM, having been proposed by the individual’s Governing Body or proposed by the Executive Committee. Wherever possible, the Committee will be representative of the membership of LASGB.

The Committee may co-opt annually, up to three non-governors, where the interests and skills of those individuals fulfil a need as determined by the Committee.

The Executive shall appoint Officers as follows:

  1. Chair
    b. Vice Chair
    c. Treasurer
    d. Media Coordinator
    e. Membership Officer
  2. Any other officer that the Committee considers appropriate and necessary to manage the affairs of the LASGB effectively.

The appointment of Committee members shall be for three years, following successful election. Each year, a third of the Committee, having served three years, will be subject to election as detailed above.

Details of vacancies will be published in the LASGB newsletter and website. Nominations will be invited from subscribing Governing Bodies.

Newly elected or re-elected members shall take up their appointment at the next calendared Executive meeting.

The term of office of an Executive Committee member shall end immediately if:-

  1. He or she ceases to be a Governor of a Member School Governing Body.
    b. The Member School Governing Body which nominated him or her withdraws from the LASGB .

Should a member of the Executive Committee fail to attend three consecutive meetings without prior accepted apologies, then after reasonable attempts have been by an officer of the Executive to contact the member without success, the Committee may by resolution and majority vote, terminate that individual’s appointment to the Committee.

The Committee shall be quorate if one third of its voting members rounded up to a whole number are present and majority decisions made shall be valid.



The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be convened by the Executive Committee. Notice of the event, including date, time and venue shall be given to Chairs and/or nominated contacts of Member Governing Bodies at least 28 days before the event. Details will also be published in the LASGB newsletter and website.

The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be individual representatives from at least 20 schools in membership of LASGB.

The business of the Meeting shall include:

  1. A report from the Executive Committee on the year’s work
    b. The conduct of other business as determined by the Committee.
    c. The consideration of proposals submitted by LASGB members, such proposals having been submitted to the LASGB Admin Support Officer in writing 28 days prior to the Meeting.
    d. The election of the LASGB President for the ensuing year.
    e. The election of eligible individuals to the Executive Committee for a period of three years
    f. Inviting approval of the Executive Committee’s recommendation for subscription to the LASGB by School Governing Bodies for the ensuing year.
    g. Receiving the audited accounts statement of the LASGB from the Treasurer.

Proposals shall be passed and decisions carried by a majority vote of those present and eligible to do so on the basis of one vote per member school.



Proposals to change the Constitution may be made either by:

  1. A quorate Executive Committee Meeting carried with a simple majority vote.
    b. An LASGB Governing Body, having given 28 days prior notice to the Chair of the Executive Committee in writing.

Changes to the Constitution will be subject to ratification at the AGM subject to a two thirds majority of those present on the basis of one vote per member school.



A Special/Extraordinary General Meeting of the LASGB may be called by a request from at least 20 schools in LASGB membership. Notice of the issues at hand must be submitted in writing to the LASGB chair.

The Executive Committee shall convene such a Meeting within 42 days, publishing the time, date, and venue in the LASGB newsletter if practicable, and on the LASGB website.

Only those issues raised by those calling for the Meeting may be discussed.



The Executive Committee shall appoint a Treasurer who will operate within the agreed financial regulations of the LASGB (see annex 1)

The Financial Year of the LASGB shall run from 01 September – 31 August.



The LASGB may affiliate to any other such body whose aims are consistent with its own, on terms negotiated by the Executive Committee on its behalf.



The Executive Committee shall ensure that information is shared with LASGB members expeditiously by use of appropriate media.



Where the LASGB is invited to nominate representatives to serve on, or to address other bodies, the Executive Committee shall be authorised to respond on behalf of the LASGB



Should the Executive Committee decide, by a simple majority, to propose the dissolution of the LASGB, it shall do so by calling a Special Meeting, giving not less than 28 days’ notice to LASGB members. The quorum for a Special Meeting shall be as for the AGM. If the majority decision of those attending and eligible to vote agrees, the the LASGB shall be dissolved. If the Special Meeting is inquorate, a further meeting shall be called, not less than one month after the first. If that second meeting is inquorate, the LASGB shall be deemed to be dissolved.

The Executive Committee of the LASGB shall remain in post until all matters concerning the dissolution are concluded. Any assets shall be transferred to such other non-profit making body having objectives similar to those of the Association, as the Executive Committee shall determine.



These financial regulations shall be reviewed on an annual basis and any revisions recorded in the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings. Changes are subject to approval at the AGM.

The Executive Committee shall receive an up to date Income and Expenditure report from the Treasurer at every Executive Committee meeting.

Any person involved with the financial affairs of the LASGB should disclose any business interest they or any member of their immediate family have in a Register of Business Interests maintained for the purpose. The Register is to be reviewed annually.

Any sponsorship entered into is to be approved by the Executive Committee, is to be completely unconditional and not be dependent on subsequent purchases by the LASGB or recommendations by the LASGB of the sponsor’s products.

The Executive Committee shall open a bank or building society account as such is recommended by the Treasurer. The Committee shall determine the administration of the account, including details of authorised signatories and internal controls.

The Treasurer shall be empowered to enter into contracts or to make purchases which do not exceed £250. Products or services ranging between £251 - £1000 shall only be purchased following consultation and agreement with the Chair and any other Executive officer.

The two functions of ordering goods and services and for certifying accounts for payment must be carried out by separate members of the Executive Committee.

All orders shall be signed by the Treasurer or by an officer of the Committee in his or her own name. A record of specimen signatures shall be maintained for those persons so authorised

No authorised signatory shall sign or countersign a cheque made out to themselves, or that of their immediate family.

All monies accumulated by the LASGB shall be used to further the objectives of the LASGB; any variation such as a small gift to show appreciation of extensive services to the LASGB must be raised at an Executive Committee meeting and be unanimously supported by those present.

Members of the Executive Committee carrying out routine duties on behalf of the LASGB, are entitled to recover costs, either motor mileage at the Inland Revenue rate, or actual public transport charges on production of receipts. Authority for the recovery of subsistence and accommodation costs is to be approved by the Committee prior to travel.

The financial year of the LASGB shall run from 01 September to 31 August. Its accounts shall be audited annually by an Auditor, and approved by LASGB members at the AGM.

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