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  • LASGB Workshop – Wellbeing for Pupils, Staff & Governors – Wednesday 6 October 2021

    06 October 2021,


    Wellbeing for Pupils ,Staff and Governors | Wednesday 6th. October 2021
    Tickled Trout Hotel , Preston Refreshments 6-30 . Workshop 7pm until 9 pm.

    Wellbeing is the responsibility of us all but how are schools tackling the issue?

    In our first Face to Face workshop since 2019, we will provide a sandwich buffet at 6-30 pm before engaging and informative speakers to include Russell Clark, Headteacher and member of ACSL National Council a leading professional on wellbeing at all levels; Clive Gregory on the role of Wellbeing Governors; and Lorimer Russell-Hayes who will introduce some wellbeing case studies.

    It should be a really interesting evening so book your place on our website . If you are still not comfortable with Face to Face meetings, the workshop recording will be available on our website after the event.

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